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Cleveland Publications produces the school newspaper and yearbook for the student body of Cleveland High School in Seattle, Washington. Our right to free speech is guaranteed under the First Amendment of the Constitution. Cleveland Publications will be objective, concise and will not contain unethical or obscene material. The writing staff will report the news fairly and accurately.

Letters to the Editor: Readers are encouraged to voice their opinions to the Journal. The paper will publish as many letters as space allows. Letters must include the author’s name, signature and class or position relative to the letter. Typed or legible, hand-written letters are acceptable. The Journal reserves the right to edit letters for grammatical errors, accuracy and spelling though every attempt will be made to preserve original content. Address letters to the editor to:

Cleveland Journal Adviser
Cleveland STEM High School
5511 15th Ave S.
Seattle, WA 98108

Students and staff of Cleveland High School may leave submissions in the school mailbox of Teresa Scribner, publications adviser, or e-mail the Journal at [email protected].

Editorials: The editorial section of the Journal serves as a forum of expression. Views printed herein are meant to be opinionated and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Journal staff, the student body, faculty, administration or school board. Opinions, commentaries and perspectives are the views of the writer, not Seattle Public Schools  or Cleveland High School.

Advertising: The Journal will not accept any advertising that is deemed to be factually inaccurate, designed to mislead, deceive or defraud or services illegal for teens to possess, buy or use. Rates vary depending on size and duration of publication.

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