Cross country team motivated to give it their all

Iris Orines, Staff reporter

It was a cloudy day, but members of the cross country team were full of excitement. After a slight delay due to a thunderstorm, the team, prepared as ever, began to run.

Getting involved in a sport is one of several ways to open up and get out of your comfort zone. Gerald Tolentino decided his freshman year to join cross country, and it changed who he is today.

“I choose cross country because I was interested in doing a sport and opening up,” Tolentino said. “The running and talking to people is fun, and meeting new people kept me going.”

Cross country does not just involve individuals running long distances. The sport is also about team members strengthening and motivating each other.

Lynh Tran, one of the eight girls on cross country joined when she was a junior. “The support and spirit of my coach and teammates is phenomenal,” Tran said. “They’re the reason why I go to practice every day. They constantly push me to become better each day.”

There are plenty of challenging yet enjoyable sports, and cross country counts as one of them.

“I liked it because you run with a team, but you also run your own race,” Marica Hipolito said. “You don’t need to rely on any team members in order for yourself to run a good race.”

“As a kid, I hated running because of my asthma,” Tran said. I could never see myself running a 5k. But, I always liked challenging myself and proving myself that I can do better.”

Hosea Phillips, who has been the head cross country coach for seven years, enjoys what he does. Due to the actions and wonderful attitude of Phillips, his cross country team is motivated, competitive and excited when they go to big meets.

“You are never done,” Phillips said. “There’s always something more to give.”