Carving his own global path

Jim Grunewald, Spanish 2 and 3

Coi Tran

Jim Grunewald, Spanish 2 and 3

Dakaria Heru, Staff reporter

Name: Jim Grunewald
Position: Spanish 2 & 3

“I am going to be different.”

Those are strong words spoken by Jim Grunewald, the new Spanish teacher at Cleveland. Having big shoes to fill, he knows that his former counterpart Katie Wallace was a popular teacher at CHS. Grunewald stays in contact with her, exchanging ideas on teaching techniques. But Grunewald plans to stick to some of his own ideas as well.

Grunewald has been teaching for 22 years. He recently taught at Alki Elementary. He said he likes the diversity at Cleveland.

“That’s one of the things that I like about Cleveland, since it’s a STEM school. Once you combine a language with whatever else you’re studying, you’re really in demand,” Grunewald said.

Grunewald is not the type of person who likes to stay in one place. He has traveled extensively, having been to Costa Rico, Bolivia, Spain and France. He’s also lived in Mexico and Chili. Grunewald speaks Spanish, German and English. He likes to take the places where he is traveling and really get to know the culture and people. Traveling seems to spark his love for Latin American folk music and well as the love for different cultures.

An adventurous past than most, Grunewald studied in Europe for some years. In high school, Grunewald described himself as a generally good student who also ran track. High school is where he developed an interest in everything Spanish, from the culture to the language itself.

Grunewald’s goals for this year are to have his students become proficient in Spanish and understand how useful and important Spanish can be. He said that he wants his student to know that Spanish can be fun and when traveling, knowing another language can be helpful.

“Have [your] own reason for learning Spanish and want to learn it for that reason,” he said.