Old school baseball coach brings new life to team


Kassie Villars

Baseball Coach Allann Gold has been using an “old school” approach for 23 years.

While baseball has only recently made its comeback at Cleveland High School, head coach Allann Gold hasn’t hesitated to take lead. Through his elaborate coaching methods, Gold is carving a path that has led the team to a winning season.

In the middle of last year’s baseball season, Gold served as an assistant coach. This season, he returned in full control. While the coach may be new to the school, he definitely isn’t a novice at his job. “I’ve been coaching baseball for 23 years now,” Gold shared. Unlike the average baseball coach, Gold has a military background. He played semi-pro for various teams and even began coaching while he was in service.

While Gold has loved baseball since he was a youth, he didn’t intend to be a coach. “I actually fell into coaching by accident,” Gold admitted. While he was stationed in San Diego, Gold had a friend who was being shipped off to the Desert Storm war in Iraq. “At the time, he was coaching a Little League baseball team and asked me if I could take the team over. I said ‘yes’ and that’s when my coaching career began.”

So how did the accidental coach arrive at Cleveland? “I was approached by a couple of parents that had kids on the Cleveland baseball team.” In the past, Gold had coached these kids in a Little League program. After being informed that Cleveland was looking for an assistant coach, he visited a practice. “I talked with the head coach at the time, Steve Pratt. He said that he really could use some help. The next day I put in my application, and here I am.”

In his short time at Cleveland, Gold has already gained respect from his players. “He has a great coaching style,” said sophomore Alex Zhen with a grin. “He’s actually a really funny guy. He puts energy into teaching us baseball and making us better players every day. He was in the military, and his style is sort of military-like, but it’s still fun.”

Gold laughs at his reputation of being called “old school.”

“Hopefully that’s not due to my age. My coaching style is based upon my military training, which is based on discipline and accountability… always building a successful program.” Gold considers his style to be more spontaneous. “I’m always thinking of ways to improve a player’s performance. I’m always studying the game by books, DVDs, and the Internet, and then I come up with my own solutions. I then implement those ideals when I see fit.”

Gold believes that his coaching style doesn’t reflect his true personality.

This season, the head coach had a blast coaching Cleveland’s team. “I enjoyed watching the players evolve into true baseball players and, of course, us winning games.”

Gold’s main goal is to a win a state championship, but he doesn’t know what his future plans are.

“I’m still young, and the skies are the limits. As long as I can walk, I’ll coach.”