Attendance backlogged from first week of school

Secretary asks for patience as she gets caught up

Parents and students should be aware that the attendance counselor is updating a backlog of attendance from the first week of school. Parents who are concerned about their student’s attendance should check back on MONDAY, SEPT. 15, for the latest updates.

Attendance counselor Disney Bayot is sorting through rosters, excuse letters and call logs, so the correct attendance may not be reflected. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

If a student doesn’t agree with the markings on their attendance (i.e.: if they were marked absent but they believe that they were either on time or late), they need to come to the Attendance Office and ask for the Attendance Correction Form (red paper).

Students will need to discuss the matter with the teacher. Afterwards, they should return the form back to the Attendance Office.

Also, students who show up late to school (even if their parents called that they were going to be late), need to check in at the Attendance Office first.

If you have any attendance-related questions, do not hesitate to stop by Bayot’s office.