Rideshare service gets students where they need to be

Son Dang, Staff reporter

If there was a free-and-reduced version of Uber, Via would be it. The rideshare car service was introduced to South Seattle about nine months ago, but the majority of Seattle still use the bus and light-rail as their main source of transportation.

Via connects riders to their closest Link light rail station. Additionally, riders at these train stations are given the opportunity to be dropped off in a specific radius of the station. For example, if you’re at the Othello station, you can call a Via and choose Cleveland as your destination.

Junior Isaac Woldermariam mainly uses the Metro to get home, but recently began using Via as a transportation to get home. Isaac plays for the Frisbee team and after practices, it is usually dark outside.

“Via makes it quicker to get home or to the train station safer,” said Woldermariam. “I feel like Via is more reliable than Metro buses because of its consistency. I feel like Metro busses are pretty much always late.”

Attendance Specialist Lynda Hoang recently discovered Via and has seen a number of Cleveland students depend on it to get to school. Hoang lives in the Othello neighborhood, and the benefits of Via have made her think about using it as her mode of transportation.

“I know a whole bunch of kids who live near me who instead of taking the light rail and the bus, or taking two buses [use Via] … I actually considered doing this instead of driving,” she said.

Senior Annie Nguyen gets to Cleveland by taking the Metro or by car, but with Via, she has benefitted when her regular methods of transportation were not available.

“Via has helped me when I needed a ride and no one was willing to give me one,” Nguyen said. “It isn’t packed like Metros, and even though it’s limited to an area of where it goes, it still helps students who don’t have cars or students who don’t prefer the Metro buses.”

The Via app is available on both Android and Apple devices.