Order in the court

Sophomores conquer Othello Trials


With Rebecca Williams Leach going on maternity leave in December, her 10th grade Humanities team had to get creative when it came to handling some of their big projects. Sophomores were introduced to the Othello Trials much earlier than their predecessors.

“What I loved about having the trials in November was the small group instruction that it required,” said Rachel Evans, one of the 10th grade Humanities teachers. “It was great to have time to sit with the trial teams and have specific discussions about their particular cases. It helped us get to know each other better, and it was cool to see the students stepping up so early in the year.”

Decked out in suit jackets, ties and heels, students prepared to defend their case in front of their peers, teachers and community members. Nerves ran high as students gave their arguments, but the payoff was worth it.

“The trials were definitely challenging, but they paid off in the end,” said sophomore Lars Olt.

Despite the stress, Williams Leach thought the project went well.

“It helped to build a team atmosphere in the class … We’re excited to be able to build on the energy created by the trials and use it throughout the year.”