Bogan brings charm to morning announcements, sidelines

Mauricio Vasquez, Staff reporter

His voice is undeniable.

“Goooood morning, Cleveland Eagles. These are your weekly announcement.”

Javari Bogan’s sing-song introduction has become a staple of Tuesday mornings as he gives the rundown of the upcoming events. But Bogan uses his voice for more than the morning advert. He has been providing commentary for several Cleveland sports for the past two years.

Bogan began lending his voice to Cleveland announcements during his sophomore year after being inspired by the previous announcer of the morning news. But the job wasn’t as easy as Bogan thought it would be.

“He was hesitant in the beginning but he pulled through, and he came every day until he became acclimated to it,” said Fely Regan, administrative secretary to Principal George Breland.

Regan said Bogan is good at doing the announcements and takes direction well.

“He’s got such a good personality,” she said.

Even though students may recognize Bogan’s voice from the morning announcements, he can also be heard over the loudspeaker at football and basketball games. He got his start by doing commentary for his brother’s team before his stint at Cleveland.

“I looked up the booth where they did the commentating and said, ‘You know what? I’m going to go try that’ and they said, ‘Sure go ahead,’” said Bogan.

Bogan said the experience has been great thus far.

“It gives me a chance to just get out there and get my voice out there,” he said. “And it’s just fun.”

During his stint as his brother’s team announcer, Bogan caught the attention of the former cheer coach at Cleveland, who in turn, told Athletic Director Jon Hughes about Bogan’s involvement on the field.

“I was talking about that I needed an announcer and they said, ‘Have you thought about Javari,’” said Hughes.

Hughes quickly looked up Bogan’s schedule and pulled him from class to discuss the idea.

“He was all in. First, he volunteered. He really liked it, and he was really good at it, very professional,” Hughes said.

Bogan’s voice has not only earned him a spot on the sidelines, but a paycheck as well.

“Metro League pays our ticket-takers, our announcers, so he actually gets paid to because he does such a good job of it,” said Hughes.

Once Cleveland’s football team made the South East Athletic Complex in Rainier Beach their home field, having Bogan stay on the team was a no-brainer.

“If you’re in Memorial Stadium, they run it and they have their own announcers,” Hughes explained. “But here (South East Athletic Complex) we run it. I was very confident in doing that because I knew we had Javari to be the announcer.”

Bogan is set to graduate in the spring, which may leave an opening for the announcements if he chooses not to return.

“I don’t know who’s going to be the announcer next year; I’m a little worried about that,” said Hughes. “Javari has proven that a student has the maturity and ability to that job, and that would be something a student can see me about.”