Students, staff getting into the spirit of Red Friday

Taylor Moe, Staff reporter

Sophomores in Michael Shaw’s 4th period Biology class got in the spirit of Homecoming by wearing school colors on Red Friday. Pictured from left to right: Anthony Tong, Brian Lai, Ra’Janae Reeves, Philip Qiu, Jibril Samoun, Calvin Vong, Rachael Bush, Geordene Jv Carpio, Asciana Hicks, Alexander Duong, Nathan Ujano and Chejuan Dixon.

School spirit is on the rise as more students participate in Red Friday, a day where all students are encouraged to wear red in support of the Eagles.

The vision for Red Friday came from Cleveland’s director of student media, Teresa Scribner, to promote unity between students. Scribner designs most of the school’s spirit gear, including the free shirt students receive when purchasing an activities card.

For the past six years, Cleveland has participated in “color wars.” Each grade level was assigned a color to wear and was to wear that color for games and assemblies. This meant Scribner had to make a single design work for every color. This year, she made the process much easier. Everyone who purchased an activities card would receive a free red shirt.

“I figured if we all just had one shirt where everyone looked the same, it would make us look a lot more unified at games,” said Scribner.

Scribner got the inspiration from watching college games where students have their own section in the stands which is filled with everyone wearing the school colors.

Sophomore Jesus Garcia Hernandez strolls across campus sporting the school’s new spirit shirt on Sept. 27. The shirt is free with the purchase of an ASB card.

“I wanted us to have that same unity when you look in the stands and see everybody wearing the same shirt.”

Both students and staff are encouraged to wear red as a show of support for the school. This can also transfer over to sporting events. Junior Fiona Clayton plays varsity volleyball for Cleveland, and she has seen an increase of red shirts throughout the school – on Red Friday as well as at games.

“Our first home game, we had a “red out” game, and I think that more people came with red shirts,” said Clayton. “But in terms of actually wearing red on Friday I feel like people have been wearing a little bit more red.”

Through Red Friday, the students and staff have found a way to connect and show their support for the school as well as each other. Rachel Evans, a 10th grade humanities teacher, loves the new idea and its product of unity.

“Anytime that you can bring people together as a community around something centralized, I think it does a lot to promote unity,” said Evans.

Science teacher Steve Pratt has seen this change and immediately connected it to an increase in school spirit as well as unity.

“I think school spirit is a very important thing,” Pratt said. “It builds unity around one thing. It is a good way to bring people together under the banner of Cleveland.”

Scribner initially ordered 250 shirts, but they quickly sold out of smaller sizes within the first week of school. She ordered another 150 and those shirts are almost gone as well. While she would like for everyone to wear the “official” red shirt, she said students are limited to that.

“We just want people to wear red on Fridays and get in the spirit of being a part of making Cleveland exciting,” said Scribner. “We have spirit. It might not look the same as other schools, but we know how to unite around a cause.”