Trainer offers early-morning workouts for students, athletes



Career Choices teacher Lenny Haynes, front, poses with his group of trainees after a morning workout. Haynes has been working with students and athletes who want to get in shape or improve in their sport

Katrina Nguyen, Staff Reporter

Participating in sports can help all ages and genders get more into shape and feel stronger. Career Choices teacher Lenny Haynes owns a gym in Rainier Beach and has been training students to help them improve in their sport.   

Haynes trains athletes who participate in basketball, swimming and even some who do not play a sport in the mornings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

“Basketball guys needed help so the coach asked me if I can train them before season to get them a little bit stronger and a little bit more in shape because we want to prevent injuries,” said Haynes. 

“They have a safe place to go in the morning, where they feel supported, where they can learn more about getting healthy, they can learn how to get stronger.”

Haynes teaches the students a wide range of exercises so they can work independently.

“We do a lot of cardio, calisthenics, back workouts, legs, bunch of different things,” said junior Omar Yussuf, who is preparing to run track in the spring. Yussuf believes the workouts are helping him get stronger and is good for his overall well-being and health. 

Haynes trains students in core exercises, strengthening, speed and agility. He hopes to have more students come so he can help them get into shape. 

“We have everybody.”