5 make-up days added to school year

From staff reports

It’s not July, but it’s pretty close.

Seattle Public Schools has extended the last day of school to June 27 to make up for the five days missed for inclement weather. This year’s school calendar already included two make-up days in June (21 and 24); the three additional make-up days will be added to the calendar. The last day of school for SPS students in grades preschool through 11 will be June 27.

Students were only two days into the new semester when school closed for two days due to the snow. Soon after, forecasters predicted another heavy storm, which proved to be true. Some areas were hit with more than 12 inches of snow. The district released students early on Feb. 8 and remained closed through Feb. 13. Students came back for two days before taking another week off for mid-winter break.

In a message posted on the SPS website, district officials said “the amount of instructional time a student spends with their teacher is one of the most important factors in learning.”

In order to meet the state’s instructional time requirement, the last day of school for seniors will be June 20. The extension will not affect high school graduation dates. Students will be expected to finish any outstanding coursework or exams required for graduation.

Students will be released one hour early on June 27.