Seniors sound off

Class of 2018 Journal reporters let it all out before they graduate.


The Seattle Public Schools district rules can catch these hands. Throughout my four years at Cleveland, I have always had to deal with the district when fundraising, and if there’s one thing you need to know is that the school district works incredibly slow.

It is 2018 and they still use paper for EVERYTHING. Not only is this a waste of trees, but it’s a waste of time and energy. Seattle Public Schools needs to drastically change with the way they handle money because it is causing a headache to everyone who is working there and work- ing with them.

Tina Dang, mad moneymaker



I’m not trying to condemn all Cleveland teachers and staff ; I’m really not. I’ve had some wonderful classes in my time at Cleveland, especially in the Humanities. But when it comes to the pathway classes – what is supposed to be the core of the Cleveland curriculum – I’ve only been disappointed. This worries me very much so for the future of Cleveland, as a whole troop of teachers are leaving Cleveland as I do. We need more teachers. We need more good teachers. We need more permanent teachers. We need more teachers of color. And I’m so sad to say I don’t see this happening in the near future.

Jay Kent, CHS evaluator



I hate when it’s so close to the end of the school year and teachers are still assigning so much work. I don’t have any energy left. What’s worse is when teachers assign work or a test on the last day of school. Like, for what? The last day of school is where you say your final goodbyes, not sit in class taking a test. I’m not saying all teachers do this, but to the teachers that give tests on the last day or big assignments due on the last day …you guys make my life difficult.

Ruth Mulugeta, tired test taker



Prom planning can catch these hands because your senior class officers and prom committee dedicated so many hours planning for prom to make it a special night,but through-out the process we
got bashed on things like the DJ and ticket prices.The people complaining are the people who didn’t even participate in school spirit or support us with our fundraisers.

Thankfully, prom is over and the majority of people really enjoyed it. But just FYI, we spent over three hours narrowing down the playlist for the DJ. We were just as disappointed when he didn’t follow through.

Yuhaniz Aly, DJ Don’t Test Me



What really frustrates me is the parking situation at this school. I have been driving to school for two and a half years now and it has gotten worse each year. Multiple times a week, I will get to school and then I have to drive around the block two or three times until a spot opens up, or I settle on parking ridiculously far from the school. It’s especially frustrating when there are open spots in the parking lot, and I am even more late to class because I had to search for a spot.

I understand our school has limited space and teachers need to be able to have a parking space so they can be at work, but isn’t having students in class just as important? I’m just glad I am a senior and won’t have to deal with it for another year.

Sibleigh Julander, parking lot police



Every day, I wake up and come to school and do the same old [expletive]. Every day, I work on an annoying math packet, annotate basically the same article, inter- view someone, take notes on a PowerPoint with the same layout as the last three then basically do nothing for the last part of my last class – all the time dealing with the same annoying people who just yell or talk for no reason at all.

I’m sick of it! I want variety in life. I am tired of the same charger that either gets lost or stolen and the same people asking me to borrow stuff .

I understand that school is here to help me grow and learn, and I’m thankful for that, but would it be so hard to not be the same repetitive mess just for once?

Elliott Hernandez Sebastian, fed-up and frustrated

I’m raving because I’m actually done. I actually made it through high school!

Being a senior, we’re doing a lot of reflecting on our past four years at Cleveland and when I think about the

good things, it was actually pretty fun here. I experienced a lot of new things and met a lot of new people, but I’m still beyond ecstatic to be leaving.

I’m excited for this summer more than anything. I’m doing a lot of traveling without my parents, so this is the basically the start of my independence. I’m also super excited I don’t have to come back to Cleveland (no offense). I’m going to meet new people and become a new person, hopefully a more positive person, I’m trying to turn over a new leaf and not be so pessimistic. This rave is the start of it!

Sierra Williams, adulting Eagle