Meet the candidates for 2018-19 ASB leadership

Angel Corpuz


Position: President

Why did you decide to run for ASB?

I believe I am a solid representation of Cleveland’s student body. I have a clear understanding of what the students want, and I plan to be the voice that gives input on those needs. Not only am I aware of others’ needs, but because I am a student, I have numerous ideas that I’m sure Cleveland would enjoy. I want to guide the students towards a path that allows them to feel as if school isn’t only about laborious tasks, but about creating memories that will follow them for the remainder of their lives. I am determined to leave behind the reminder that Cleveland revolves around spirit, unity, and progress; not popularity, GPA, or competition. I will build a stronger Eagle community and make sure it is maintained during this upcoming school year and the years to come.


What do you have to offer Cleveland?

I have ideas that are out of the ordinary. They will have Cleveland students engaged and wanting more rather than thinking little of it and being bored. Just as important, I am someone who can offer a smile, positive vibes and encouraging advice to whomever is in need. I can also offer my drive to accomplish goals that Cleveland aims for. My energy will be put into a task at no less than 110 percent.


What sets you apart from the other candidates?

I am an all-around type person. I have the ability of being both a good speaker and good listener. I can get a crowd excited and pumped up or listen to what someone has to say. Having strength in both areas is crucial because a president needs to be able to communicate with everybody as well as know what is asked of them. I am also someone who can successfully work in a group and communicate with them well or perform a task independently and just as good. I’m an approachable person who can connect with people on a personal level. I take the time to get to know someone on a deeper level and not just their surface. You can rely on me for anything.


What would you do (or not do) differently from this year’s ASB? 

I think this year’s ASB did a good job of hosting events more often than previous years, but I would like to advertise them in a way that’s more visual in order to draw people’s attention. I want to encourage more club-associated fundraisers and events that ASB could pitch in on, which would give more variety. Lastly, I would host more night time events that aren’t just dance related.


What are you willing to sacrifice for the job? 

One of the activities I’m willing to sacrifice is a sport. Sports will be something I can be involved in at any given time, but ASB isn’t. Besides that, I am willing to sacrifice leisure time that is often used on hanging out with friends. I know senior year is the year where teens want to relax and do the bare minimum, but I am ready to work hard for ASB.


What obstacles are you prepared to face/overcome if you are elected to the position? 

I will face the obstacle of time. Time is of the essence, and I know that ASB holds all types of due dates that I need to meet, along with due dates from my classes. It may feel like I have little time to get anything done, but it’s all about efficiency and starting earlier to finish sooner.


In what other activities do you participate? 

National Honors Society, Frisbee, Achievers, church


How will you juggle your extracurricular activities with ASB? 

I wouldn’t be involved in something I can’t handle. I know that I’ll be having a lot on my plate, but with the right time management and decision making of what needs to be prioritized, I will be able to commit to ASB. It’ll be challenging, but it’s possible.