New app aimed at increasing student involvement


Lydia Sourichanh

Junior Jamal Davis is on the new Cleveland app. ‘Eagle Nation’ was created because there is a lack of student body at events and this app allows students to earn points for participating. Students can receive prizes by just going to events.

Jordan O'Neal , Staff Reporter

The student leadership team has a new idea they are putting into play to raise awareness and engage the student body.

The Eagle Nation app went live on April 16. According to ASB, the app functions the same as Remind, a commonly used notification system for classes. With the Eagle Nation app, student have the opportunity to earn points for checking in at Cleveland events and after school activities.

“[It has] so many more options and opportunities for ASB to be more creative and not have to repetitively remind people of what’s going on it our school,” said Kendra Okoro, a junior and a member of ASB. “It’ll just all be on the app. It’ll also be a way for students to communicate to ASB about their inquiries and reviews of events so that we can address situations more efficiently.”

The app also allows students to share pictures through the “Fan Cam” feature and earn points by checking into events that can be redeemed for spirit gear. A ranking system lets students know where they are in points.

Although the app is good for promoting events, it is not without constraints. Students are unable to make purchases via the app due to Seattle Public Schools’ restrictions.

“They have the ability to; I don’t think we opted to do that yet because of district policies,” said Activities Coordinator Bryan Gordon.

The app is available on both Google Play and the Apple Store.