The journal endorses Teeny for ASB president

CPub Staff

Cleveland Publications is making recommendations for student voters in ASB election on May 18. On May 3, CPub reporters sat down with students who are running for ASB leadership positions to get a perspective on each candidate’s ideas and plans for the school. Each endorsement will explain our thinking. We looked for candidates who came with fresh ideas, a commitment to uniting the student body and time management skills.

While we have made our endorsements, CPub still supports the democratic process. Candidates were given the opportunity to submit longer responses to our questions. Here is your chance to evaluate your potential leaders.

Our Picks

As a staff, we have chosen to endorse Melody Wyatt for ASB secretary. Wyatt has been involved with the ASB since her freshman year, and her experience will be vital for the team. Her energy and commitment to making “happy moments” and raising school spirit was particularly engaging.

CPub endorses Jessica Eleccion for vice president. Eleccion has been a part of ASB for two years and has further leadership experience in Link Crew and serving as the secretary for the Filipino Club. If elected, she hopes to improve communication between ASB and underclassmen.

CPub endorses Brandon Teeny for ASB President. While Teeny has some experience as an ASB leader, he brings leadership experience from outside of Cleveland, having leadership positions within his church and the Global Visionaries program. Teeny has a unique outlook and energy from the other candidates – he was homeschooled until his freshman year. Teeny is hopeful to build on the current ASB’s successes. When asked what he was willing to sacrifice for the job, Teeny replied, “Everything.”


Cleveland Publications did not endorse a treasurer as the candidate is running unopposed. We reached out to Angel Corpuz for an interview, but she did not show up during her allotted time slot.