From the classroom to the pulpit, Pratt lays down the word


Courtesy of Rainier Valley Church

Science teacher Steve Pratt meets with congregants of Rainier Valley Church. Pratt helped found RVC three years ago and now heads the church’s children’s ministry.

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Science teacher Steve Pratt is a man of faith. The husband and father of two daughters, Tahlia and Seraphina, sits on the board of directors at Rainier Valley Church (RVC), a place of worship he helped build after his previous church folded.

For the past three years, he has help build the congregation to about 100 members and now works at the lead coordinator for the church’s children’s ministry, overseeing everything from the volunteer schedule to the lessons the kids learn.

“The person who was doing it moved on … and as a result, there wasn’t any leadership, there wasn’t any vision, any guidance or really much structure,” Pratt said. “As a teacher and an educator, it’s something I care about – kids – no matter the age, and I want to see teaching done well and done with excellence. So, I thought I’d bring my gifts to that area”

Pratt’s work with RVC doesn’t stop at the children’s ministry; he is the vice president of the Board of Directors, the decision-making body of the church.

“My term actually ends in June, but I’ll leading the children’s ministry,” Pratt said. He spends about five to eight hours a week working on church business.

Pratt’s church is heavily involved with volunteering at Hope Place Shelter, a ministry associated with Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission. It’s a residential recovery program dedicated to helping women and children who are suffering from abuse or addiction.

“We’ve helped with child care,” he said. “Every quarter, they do a big graduation and since a lot of these ladies go to our church … we’ll go and support them.”

Courtesy of Rainier Valley Church
Pratt and his wife Kyrsten, right, have two children: Tahlia and Seraphina (not pictured)

In the future, Pratt hopes to start tutoring there once a week, but for now, his focus is on becoming a pastor. He preached his first sermon the Sunday after his father suddenly passed away from a heart attack. The sermon he gave was about spiritual strength.

“I was preaching to myself,” Pratt said.

Pratt said what he enjoys most about being in the pulpit is it allows him the opportunity to take the Bible in all of its complexity and boil it down to the central truth of what the Christian faith is all about.

When asked why he thought more students didn’t realize he was a Christian, Pratt said he doesn’t bring religion into the classroom. He doesn’t want to harm his relatio

nship with students if/when they learn he is working on becoming a preacher.

“I’m always teacher first.”