New lunch cart added for students’ convenience


Yen Nguyen

Bill Casper sells food from the new lunch cart in Building 1 on April 27. The goal is to provide convenient access to healthier snack options to students.

August Jackson, Staff Reporter

Every day during lunch, students now have the choice to grab a meal from a lunch cart in Building 1 in- stead of making the trek to the cafeteria.

Students who tend to have a busy lunch now have the convenience of a grab-and-go cart, which takes less than a minute to make a purchase.

Manned by Bill Casper, a trans- fer cafeteria worker from Rainier Beach, the lunch cart offers cold lunches and various snacks at the same price as the cafeteria. The cart is open to all students and staff.

“We were hoping that it could create easier access for the students to eat that didn’t want to come to
the other side of the high school to grab a lunch from the main lunch- room,” said Sandra Jennings, an assistant manager for the lunch staff who has worked with the district for 15 years.

Students who want something that’s not on the menu can talk to Casper. If enough people share interest in the item, he can try to have it added to the options.

Casper is always glad to see a new face even if students aren’t at the cart to make a purchase.

“My favorite part of working at the lunch cart is having everything set up and waiting for kids to come in,” said Casper. “Maybe they just come over and say ‘hi’ to me, I think that’s great. I don’t mind if they come over and look either.”