Sweet revenge



Junior Israel Ortiz Jr. lets science teacher Greg Kowalke have it during Pie A Teacher Day on March 14. This was the third year for the event where students got a chance to get revenge on teachers. This year, students were added to the panel to get pied.

From Staff Reports

Spilled whipped cream lined the door, as well as ears, beards and hair; nowhere was safe from the dessert topping.

Cleveland’s annual Pi Day celebration was an unforgettable event full of laughter and whipped cream, as students and staff alike were able to pie those who volunteered their faces for the a air.

“I’ve always enjoyed it, I’ve done it – I think – every year and it’s always been kind of fun,” said biology teacher Greg Kowalke. “I like helping the senior class out with a couple of bucks.”

11th grade Humanities teacher Justin Vinson sits with a cream pie stuck to his face during Pie A Teacher Day. This was his first year to participate in the event.

This year teachers weren’t the only ones getting a face full of whipped cream, select members of the senior class were thrown into the mix as well, doubling event attendance and spirit.

“It made the event more interesting and more fun, even the teachers agreed too,” said senior class secretary Yuhaniz Aly.

Not only did attendance and spirit go up, but so did the amount of money raised.