More Eagles join the flock

Spanish teacher, security specialist are among new hires

Christine Allison

Position: Student teacher
Why Cleveland?“I was an engineer before getting back into school and was interested in the STEM program in Cleveland.”
Hobbies: “I do yoga, I hike with my dog, and I do calligraphy work for weddings as gifts and for restaurant chalk.”
What do you want students to know about you? “I welcome people to come in to talk to me if you want. That is why I came into teaching … so I can help them.”

Tony Nguyen

Position: 11th Grade Case Manager
Why Cleveland? “Cleveland is a the school that I grow up and graduated from. I wanted to help students graduate … I want to be the person that was there for me when I was in Cleveland.”
Hobbies: “I like to watch Net ix, play games, socializing in particular because I want to be more of an extrovert.”
What do you want students to know about you? “That you can talk to me if you need to. I may not know all the answers, but I am willing to listen.”

Matt Hollar

Position: Academic Intervention Specialist substitute for Logan Reichert
Why Cleveland? “I was hired as a tutor two years ago, and during the time I enjoyed working with teachers and staff in Cleveland. I liked the project-based learning.”
Hobbies: “I like to play Ultimate Frisbee, and I help coach winter league C team and I’m coaching for JV girls in the spring. I also play a lot of board games.” What do you want students to know about you? “I want people to feel that I am approachable, and I want students to have the support they need.”

Ericka Pollard

Position: Intervention Specialist/Principal Intern
Why Cleveland? “I heard of a lot of exciting things about Cleveland, like the STEM learning, students and staff dedication to social justice and equity.”
Hobbies: “I love to listen to music and to dance, spend time with family, too.” What do you want students to know about you? “They should know I am a relationship-based person, so I am here to help students grow academically and personally, and for them to reach out to me if [they’re] ever in need.”


Marcus Holmes

Position: Security Specialist
Why Cleveland?: “As security you don’t choose the schools we get to work in … they assign us a school … I was one of the helpers moving school materials into the building, and my mom and dad were also graduates from Cleveland.” Hobbies: “I love basketball and I’m also a movie guy, mostly horror or suspense movies. I enjoy listening to music, especially when I work.”
What do you want students to know about you?: “My office is always open. This is a welcoming environment where every student is supported.”


Francisco Sanchez

Position: Attendance Intervention Specialist
Why Cleveland? “I have been in schools that aren’t really close to where I live, so it was hard to be committed and active … Since Cleveland is where I live, I’ll be here more often.”
Hobbies: “I like playing games and watching soccer or basketball. During the weekend, I am a DJ and I try to make sure to visit family and friends.”
What do you want students to know about you? “I may be new, but I still want to be involved with the … community.”

Najee Ladd-Ali

Position: Instructional Assistant
Why Cleveland?: “I heard a lot of good things about Cleveland High School and the families involved with Cleveland. Some of my family has been in the school as students or coaches, and Mr. [George] Breland knows my family, too.”
Passion: Ladd-Ali is the assistant basket- ball coach for Foster High School. Hobbies: “Spending time with family and also reading.”
What do you want students to know about you?: “I am a strong, educated, respected Black man and I see greatness within all of you”

Jennifer Wittenberg

Position: Spanish I teacher
Why Cleveland? “I live in the community of Cleveland. I like how there are more supports for students than many other high schools.”
Hobbies: “I like to hike which is a reason why I live in Seattle. I also like to garden. Something I have in my garden are vegetables and a section for native plants. I grow tulips in the spring, sunflowers and dahlias in the summer.”
What do you want students to know about you? “That I am here to chat with or to get academic support.”