Love it or leave it

Valentine's Day has Cleveland Students feeling some type of way about Cupid.

Molly House and Jordan O'Neal

They glance at each other as they walk down the hallway, holding hands in that interlaced fingers way that couples do. She can barely hang onto the balloon bouquet, and he’s all smiles over his new hoodie. You smile in their direction, but secretly you want to punch their love in the face. Hang on, haters. It’s Valentine’s Day.

There are two types of people in this world: those who love love and those who love to hate it. Cupid tends to bring out the best in people, but when he shoots his arrow (and misses) it’s the singles who have to bear witness to a couple’s love. The Journal asked readers what category they fall under. Are you a Valentine’s Day lover or hater?


Shoot your shot

For sophomore Helen Martell Moya, Valentine’s Day gives her 24 hours to show appreciation to the people she cares about. That doesn’t always mean being lovey dovey with a boyfriend or girlfriend; it can mean chilling with family and friends or showing appreciation for the ones around you.

“My dad usually gives me chocolate and flowers,” Martell Moya said. “My mom usually gets me a stuffed animal or something, and sometimes I get candy from people at school. Now that we are old, we don’t really do that anymore unless you are in a relationship.”

Martell’s favorite part of Valentine’s Day is getting presents that indicate someone appreciates you as a person.

“I like receiving gifts because I love shopping a lot … I can shop forever. I like receive to gifts because it shows that people appreciate you and what they love about you,” she said.

Feb. 14 is also an opportunity for people to confess their love to that “Man Crush Monday” or “Woman Crush Wednesday.”

“I think it is a good day to tell your crush that you like them,” Martell Moya said. “And if that person don’t like you, move on.”


It’s gonna be a lovely day

Junior Alex Cabebe and senior Anita Pham keep it simple for Valentine’s Day. Sure, they’ll trade gifts, but the true enjoyment comes from simply enjoying each other’s company.

“The day before or the week before, I go to the store and get her some stuff,” said Cabebe. But the true joy comes from seeing the person’s reaction to the gifts.

“My favorite part of Valentine’s Day is driving to school and pulling up with the stuff to give to her,” Cabebe said.


Haters gone hate (sort of)

Sophomore Joshua Acosta doesn’t like Valentine’s Day. In high school, it’s difficult to not be jealous seeing all the couples with their flowers and chocolates, holding hands in the hallway.

“Seeing all these couples around just makes me feel lonely,” Acosta said. “Either you have to watch people being in love while you’re alone, or you have to spend money on gifts for friends and family.”

For Acosta, this seemingly-sweet holiday not only makes him feel lonely, it stretches his wallet thin.

“I have to spend money on things, and I’m just not all for spending money on people,” he said. “Who invented this holiday anyways?”

For Kelonda “Kiki” Petty, this is going to be one lonely Valentine’s Day. Alhough the junior has a boyfriend, he will be 2,000-plus miles away in Texas at Navy training. On previous Valentine’s days, Petty and her boyfriend would go to movies, out to eat and exchange gifts – the usual couple stuff. This Feb. 14, Petty is planning a quiet night by herself.

“I won’t have him here, and I’ll be at home watching ‘Game of Thrones’ alone,” said Petty. “I’m going to eat a whole box of pizza … by myself.”


Love thyself

Junior Gabie Butlay doesn’t mind the couples or the flowers on Valentine’s Day. She knows the day is also a good time for singles to be proud of who they are. Butlay wishes more people knew about Singles Awareness Day, which happens Feb. 15.

“There’s a lot of couples in our school, and when they’re around, it just makes you feel aware that you’re single,” Butlay said. “It’s kind of depressing but it’s okay.”

To all the single people out there, treat yourself on Single’s Awareness Day, and don’t let the fact that you’re single bring you down.


No excuses

For Katie Sanderson Valentine’s Day is a complete waste of time and an excuse just get to get gifts from a significant other. The day is not special to her because she has never had anyone special to actually do anything with.

“I’ve never had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, but I if I did … we would probably exchange gifts like chocolate,” Sanderson said. “I guess that’s a popular gift to exchange.”


Salt-y bae

If only Vivian Ly would get candy on Valentine’s Day, she might have a different view of the highly debated holiday.

“Because nobody ever buys me anything, I feel left out,” Ly said. She’s still manages to see the bright side of the holiday.

“I also like it because the chocolates go on sale after, so then you could buy them for yourself.”

Senior Kenneth Nguyen fondly remembers Valentine’s Day in elementary school when everyone would get piles of cards and chocolates from classmates.

“Elementary school was lit, man! Everyone got a valentine, you got stacks of candy and then you get to high school and no one cares,” Nguyen said.

He admits that he never gets candy now, but who knows, he might this year. There is a single lady who loves buying chocolate. She’s a junior and her name starts with a ‘V.’ Shoot your shot!