Athletics look to outside donors to fundraise for teams in need

Brandon Teeny, Staff Reporter

Cleveland athletics are a mixed bag when it comes to how sports get their equipment and funding. Some sports, like tennis and wrestling,

are funded by the coaches and participants while more popular sports like football and basketball receive help from donations. But all teams are expected to raise at least part of their funding on their own.

“Some of the kids like to have their own gear,” said junior Thang Dao, who is on the wrestling team. He added that the coaches from different schools often work together to get the equipment that they need. When asked if they had to pay for anything, Dao said the coach covers everything they need.

Lydia Sourichanh
Junior Thang Dao is on the wrestling team.

Tennis is in a similar situation. The coach, Roger Yamaguchi, covers all the necessary expenses for athletes to be able to play.

Other sports have to rely on fundraisers. Cleveland’s Ultimate Frisbee team used the Booster Club until it was disbanded. The group helped the team raise money for their trip to nationals. A booster club is usually run by parents and community members to help sports receive funding without the hassle of going through the school’s monetary channels. Although Cleveland’s boosters ended last year due to low parental involvement, the money previously raised is now being managed by the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA).

There are also Associated Student Body (ASB) accounts run by Activities Coordinator Bryan Gordon that house money for some sports. In previous years, the basketball teams have used ASB accounts to attend an invitational tournaments out of state. Gordon, however, is concerned with the ability of sports to receive funding.

Lydia Sourichanh
Bryan Gordon is Cleveland’s activities coordinator.

“We’re at a point where our teams have to start fundraising because we don’t have the cushion that we use to,” he explained.

A tip Gordon offers sports teams seeking to raise money is to use Donor’s Choose. It is a website that allows people to ask for specific classroom materials and sporting goods, then friends, family or anonymous donors can give to the cause. Gordon uses this website for his video production class.

One final source of funding for sports teams is the Seattle Public Schools. Each year, the district provides transportation for athletes, but other items like equipment are not covered. The school is trying to get its sporting gear up to snuff.

Athletic director Chris Bryant said, “We have been working with both PTSA and the alumni association in terms of trying to get money to help get all of our programs where they should be.”

Anyone who would like to donate to athletics is encouraged to contact Bryant at [email protected] or call 206-252-7846 to find out how they can help.