Why are you so sad?

From Staff Reports

With the announcement of the Grammy nominations, I was extremely disappointing by some of the nominations in the hip-hop category. In the Best Rap Album category, it was revealed that A Tribe Called Quest was not nominated. Subpar releases (in my opinion) such as Jay-Z’s “4:44,” which was overrated at release, and Migos’ “Culture” which was not as good as their earlier mixtapes, got nominated. Even Kendrick Lamar’s “Damn” which is a good album but in my opinion his worst yet, made the cut.

It is regrettable that such a legendary group who made an album after over 10 years that matched the quality of their fabled older releases was snubbed so brutally to a year of otherwise average albums. One of their members, Phife Dawg, passed away (and is probably rolling in his grave right now). Even David Bowie was given a Grammy after dying and releasing (in my opinion) an inferior album to Tribe’s masterpiece. It just proves that the Grammy awards shouldn’t be trusted with making big and important decisions in the hip hop genre – or any genre for that matter.
− Elliott Hernandez Sebastian

I am sad (along with many other emotions,) about college. I wanted to go to the University of Texas to row for the fourth best team in the nation and be a part of their medical program. I was even verbally committed to the school on a partial rowing scholarship, but the scholarship wasn’t enough to cover the freaking $52,000 a year tuition cost.

Instead of going to UT, I am signed and committed to the University of Washington. UW isn’t a bad school whatsoever, and it happens to be the number one rowing team in the nation, but I am sad that I do not get to attend my top choice and that I got so emotionally connect to a school that in the end, I could not attend.

I am sad that my parents led me to believe we would be able to work through the financial barrier, but after all we couldn’t. I am sad that I’m only going 20 minutes away from my family, while I am also happy about the fact I’ll be so close to home. I was excited to go to UT and become my own person away from my family.

I am sad that college is so expensive and it holds many people back from their goals and dreams.
− Sierra Williams

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and it got me sad. Of course, getting presents and eating good are one of my two favorite pastimes, but the gift giving and the homework loading I could do without. Not only do I have to try to find some money that I didn’t use to go Black Friday shopping so I can get my friends presents, but I also got to get my grades up before the semester ends, which is close to Christmas. How can I get into the Christmas spirit when I’m crying over my homework every night, not getting any sleep and STILL eating thanksgiving leftovers?

Christmas is supposed to be bringing you peace, love and joy, and all I’m getting is depression, anxiety and bad sleeping habits. If Jesus’ birthday could just wait for another month so I can get to myself together, I would forever be grateful.
− Kezia Cook

I’m sad every B day because I have math at the end of the day. At the end of the day, I’m tired and I just want to relax a little. I understand that no matter what class you have at the end of the day, you always got to do work, but math is very draining. I usually spend a lot of time on one problem and when I’m done, my whole team is waiting for me. That makes me feel like I’m holding us back. And that gets me extra sad for the whole day. And since I have more “difficult” classes (I’m saying it’s difficult for me not for everyone), it takes all my effort just to get through math.

There’s no problem with math itself, it’s just the mood that I’m in when I’m doing math. And when I’m the only one on my team that got the wrong answer, it gets me in a sad mood, but not super sad.
− Binh Kim

I’m sad about all the dramatic scenarios from TV shows, movies, cartoons or books. Whether it’s a death or heart-wrenching scenario, I always cry, no matter how “corny” the scenario is. This goes to show how sensitive I am. I’m also sad about not achieving the objective in my video games, because when I can’t achieve my objectives, it just makes me sad in a frustrated way. It seems like I’m wasting my time on video games.
Anthony George Sipin