Robotics Club looks to reboot with recruitment drive

Maria Nguyen, Staff Reporter

Cleveland’s Robotics Club gives students the chance to learn helpful skills they could later use in their engineering career. The club meets every Thursday after school with their mentor, Lucas Sallee, who makes sure members get all the tools and help they need to build robots or work on their own projects. Even though the club has great things to offer, not many students join. While their advertising has been limited to mostly posters, club members are trying to get the word out.

“Students are spreading the word,” said Sallee, whose wife is SoED counselor Napsiyah Sallee. “I want to go talk to classes to show [students] what we’ve done more directly.”

Building a robot takes a big team and the club needs more people.

“Other schools have up to 30 people for competitions; we have about 8 or 10 people right now,” Sallee said. “This year we have a similar amount of participation, but need another 10 to 12 people.”

Last year, the Robotics Club nearly ended when the previous mentor quit. Kai Chambers, a senior who has been in the club for four years, was worried there wouldn’t be a club at all.

“I’m actually impressed that students joined this year because I thought not a lot of students would join and the club might end,” he said.

Zoe McCarty is a new member. The freshman hopes more underclassmen join so they can start learning how to program early and start preparing for competitions.

“I came to Cleveland looking for a robotics team,” McCarty said. “I wanted to program, and I wanted to be able to build robots.”

The Robotics Club is free to join and doesn’t require students put in a certain amount of time. While some students go to meetings just once a week, some spend 150 to 200 hours per season preparing for competition.

Students who may be interested in joining can email Chambers at [email protected] The Robotics Club meets every Thursday after school.