Lowe takes top prize in Nike-sponsored race


Courtesy of Granville Storey

Junior Quentin Lowe, center, stands on top of the Hole in the Wall Invitational podium holding his prizes, a Nike backpack and a 1st place medal on Oct. 7.

Jay Kent, Staff Reporter

The runners lined up, each of them representing their school on their brightly colored jerseys. The race began, and the pace was set quickly by a few frontrunners. They ran for over 10 minutes, until an opportunity arose. Quentin Lowe took the opportunity to pull ahead of the other runners, taking home a first place finish for Cleveland.

Lowe took first place in a junior varsity 5K race – which is just over three miles – at the Nike Hole in The Wall Invitational. He beat his personal record by 40 seconds.

“I had a lot of motivation from my team members, and I was feeling good that day,” said Lowe.

Lowe’s coaches, Rickey Davis and Granville Storey, have taken notice of his work ethic and admire his dedication to becoming a stronger runner. The junior has been on the cross country team since his freshman year.

Attempting to break past the running pack, Quentin Lowe dashes during the start of the Metro 3A Championship Varsity race on Oct. 19. Lowe did not advance past Metros.

“Quentin, along with a couple of other runners … is probably one of the most consistent runners in terms of being at practice almost every day, and someone who gives really 100 percent in all the workouts,” Storey said.

Lowe said he likes the environment.

“I like how the sport makes everyone push themselves.”
The cross country team is happy with their performance this season and is looking to recruit new runners for future seasons.
“I think this year’s group of runners really set the stage for something that’s gonna be special in the years to follow here at Cleveland,” said Storey. “We’re really proud of our runners … We’re excited for the future.”

Lowe is less sure about his future in cross country, but has only good things to say about the sport.

“I’m definitely going to join next year, but honestly I don’t know what’s going to happen after high school,” Lowe said. “I think I’m just going to end up running on my own.”

“It’s a fun sport, it’s a good way to learn something about yourself, because I think everyone who runs cross country always learns something about themselves.”