SUP Students of the Month


Teresa Scribner

These eight students represent the quality of Unity from the school’s motto, Spirit Unity Progress.

From staff reports


Priscilla Lenh

Priscilla is the most helpful person ever! She is very kind and helpful to others around her. She has loaned peers earbuds, when they need it. She has helped them with their laptops. She makes people in our Advisory feel more comfortable and welcome. She’s amazing. I’ve never seen a more caring and empathetic freshman in my 11 years of teaching at Cleveland. Nominated by Marcy McCarthy

Isaiah Draculan

Isaiah is in my advisory. He is such a kind-hearted person who completely goes out of his way to make others feel included and he tries to bring everyone together. He always says hello to people with a genuine smile on his face and he expresses empathy for others. He is aware of others and their feelings. Isaiah also takes risks—he initiated a dance party a few weeks ago which made everyone laugh (in a positive way), and he also ran for class president. He knew that he may not win (which he did not) but he said that he felt like it was worth the risk even if he did not win because he felt it would help him grow as person. Sometimes I can’t believe Isaiah is a 9th grader because he is so self-aware and aware of others! So happy and grateful to have Isaiah in advisory this year! Nominated by Sarah Esrick


Andrew Manzano

Andrew values the connections between people. He is compassionate and works hard to make our classroom one that is welcoming. He brings a smile with him every day and he is quick to say hello to others when he enters our space. His contributions push us to think more deeply and his honesty in sharing his own stories helps to create a safe environment to be real. I am thankful for Andrew’s energy, his dedication to school, and the manner in which he interacts with everyone.

Andy is always cheering others on, reaching out to people he doesn’t know, offering help to those who look like they need it, and speaking kind words to everyone he encounters. He is an entity who has brought together several misfits and given them a place to belong. Nominated by Rachel Evans and Caitlin Malarkey

Katherine Grant

Katherine is a kind and compassionate individual who is wise beyond measure. She is able to see the good in people and she gives people the benefit of the doubt. There is room in Katherine’s world for your bad day. She won’t take it personally and she is quick to forgive. It is rare to find a young person with such confidence in who they are. Katherine Grant is real through and through, and she is an important member of our classroom community. I am fortunate that she landed in my class this year. Nominated by Rachel Evans


Mynisha McGrew

Mynisha builds unity in her groups and whole class.  She is passionate about her work and always leaves room for her teammates.  Her dedication and enthusiasm is contagious and she just makes my classroom feel like home. Nominated by Andy Coughran

Abdulgani Mohamad

Gani is super helpful and serves his community whether it be through his membership as a Link Crew leader, Age Up (which helps young men learn how to deconstruct sexism), or his participation as one of the youth who helped lead the city-wide initiative called Youth Voice/Youth Choice which was a voting system where youth got to decide how Seattle would spend $700,000 of the city’s budget. This dude keeps getting underestimated and keeps shining. Nominated by Chev Gary


Jannah Bongato

Jannah was a major player last year in Link Crew and helped craft our program this year. She cares about the success of her peers and has brought various programs and classes together. Nominated by Bryan Gordon

Amanze Oleru

Amanze has been working to bring unity, purpose, and enthusiasm to the Ultimate Frisbee for four years, and I finally feel like this year it is happening. He has taken a lot of leadership on for the team, particularly in building unity in vision and camaraderie. Nominated by Steve Pratt