Sit down, shut up and learn


Dakaria Heru and Ryshel Sampson

To the handful of wannabe comedians who come to school for the shear reason to do nothing, we have one message for you: “You’re not cute!”

Most of us can agree it’s the most annoying thing ever when that one kid won’t stop disrupting class long enough for you to learn.

Some people try too hard to stand out and end up making a fool of themselves. The joke may be funny in the moment, and sure you may get a few snickers from your peers, but often it’s taken too far. There is a time and place for having fun. When the teacher is talking is NOT that time. It’s a nuisance when we only have 80 minutes in class and more than half of that is spent on the teacher dealing with disruptive students.

Then you have the jerks who trash the hallways and bathrooms, to gain a little attention from their peers. Stop being nasty. When you have a nice, clean school it gives you a sense of pride. Unfortunately, very few students are helping with it. You’re too old for that. Do you know how embarrassing it is to have the bathrooms closed because you can’t wipe your behind like an adult? All of these factors leading up to why no one respects the nest here at Cleveland.

For example, when we have an assembly or the few special guests who decide to visit the school, students can’t keep quiet and show little engagement.

It’s not fair that some peers ruin the chance to have an all-around great school for the rest of the student body that actually cares and takes things seriously.

We’re not trying to say you shouldn’t have fun at school, but at the same time there is a certain way to carry yourself. This is not to rain on your parade, but once you’re in the real world, no one will tolerate that.

For whatever reason you may feel is necessary to act the way you do, you need to find out why. If it’s because you are struggling with the material, sign up for tutoring. If you hang around people who don’t have good values, be the change to help make them better students.

Everyone is a role model and whether you like it or not, there is always someone watching. If we as students respect the nest then others will too.

Dakaria Heru and Ryshel Sampson enjoy laughing with their peers but not at the expense of their education.