Cooking club goes up in smoke

From staff reports

After an exciting kicking off, the Cooking Club has been suspended due to lack of funding. Having no Cooking Club may not seem like a big deal to most people, but for the students who had joined, it’s a blow. The club created a place where students and teachers could bond with each other in an environment that centered on something with a universal appeal: food.

AP Calculus teacher Kate Byers and Humanities teacher Caine Lowery were the club advisers. Both are disappointed that the club couldn’t find funding. The group was part of the YMCA-sponsored Teens Engaged Afterschool (T.E.A.) program, so the assumption was that they would be providing the money needed to keep the group afloat. That was not the case.

When Byers heard that Cooking Club was cut short she was crushed.

“I feel bad because if we knew that there weren’t a lot of funding, then we wouldn’t have started up the club and got students excited,” Byers said.

Just like Byers, Lowery is also sad that the club was disbanded.

“I feel sad about it … It was fun, plus I love to cook,” he said.

Jimmy Brown, the YMCA coordinator and Director of Education, manages all the funds for all of the T.E.A. clubs on campus. Brown said the Cooking Club never had guaranteed funding, but he is in the process trying to secure money.

Members of the Cooking Club are eagerly waiting for it to make a comeback. Junior Thuy Truong said she wanted teachers to discuss and resolve the funding issues so she can get back to cooking.

“I really hope the teachers talk it out … find a solution.”

Staff reporter Ngan Nguyen contributed to the reporting of this story.