In golf, passion is all you need

Dakaria Heru and Tran Lam

It doesn’t take much to fall in love with golf. Seniors Brent Wong and Vicki Dang are a couple of the players who know the sport is more exciting than it may seem.

Wong, 17, has been playing golf since he was five years old. His dad was the one who got him interested in the sport.

“My dad plays golf and sometimes on the weekend, we would go golfing together and he would teach me,” Wong said. “I just love it, and I continued to play it until now.”

Although starting the sport at a young age helps, the passion can still develop over time.

“I played golf for six years, and I really like it,” said Brandon Teeny, the team’s only freshman.

Dang initially joined the golf team to waive the credit needed for gym. She thought the sport would be easy but found it to be more challenging than she originally thought.

“Golf is definitely a sport that requires you to get out your comfort zone,” Dang said.

Golf coach Ryan Kastl said the game tests your mental toughness as well as physical strength, but isn’t usually a sport most people choose first.

“It’s a very challenging game that tests … your ability to forget about bad shots and embrace your good shots.

“Most people who say that golf is boring have never played golf before,” said Kastl. “They think it’s a very easy sport, but if you never been exposed, it might seem like that.”

Although golf is a team sport, most of the work is individual. And while most people see it as a sport for the wealthy, Dang said golf is for everyone.