Frisbee stages the ultimate comeback


Andy Huynh

The Ultimate Frisbee team worked their way to become one of the best teams in the Metro League this season.

Hewan Mengistu and Ryshel Sampson

Cleveland sports teams have all grown tremendously and the Ultimate Frisbee team is no exception. With an improving track record, this team is well on their way to playoffs as a tight knit team.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. The season hit the skids midway through after losing to Metro League rival Franklin in their most anticipated game of the season.

“Pretty much as soon as we lost to Franklin, we went on a three-game losing streak,” coach Joseph Kido said as he watched the team run drills.  “Turned our season from 6-0 to 6-3. Going from 100 percent to 75 percent is not great and it happened overnight which was really rough.”

Despite the losing streak, the team quickly regrouped. When they battled last year state champions, Nathan Hale, Cleveland came out victorious.

“They came into the Nathan Hale game focused, they had each other’s backs and they did all the things that you would want a team to do for each other,” Kido said.

This was just the take off for the Eagles to enhance their team chemistry, which only existed on the field. It was made clear that this group of young men didn’t necessarily interact off the field but knew their common goals were to excel in school and work hard at all times.  The team’s comeback has shaped the team into a group that is focused on academics as well as Frisbee. 

The guys have planned outings to eat and bond, as well as spend hours in study hall each week. The most exciting moments for them are when they have tournaments and are forced to come together.

“Were more than teammates, this is my second family; most importantly these are my brothers,” junior leader Cornelius Cambronero said.

As the Ultimate team finishes out the remainder of their season, they aim to fulfill some high expectations that Cambronero set out for them.

“We plan on winning back to back state championships this year and next.”

The fans will have to stay tuned to see if this truly is the start of something special.