School’s leadership teams compile master calendar

Amanda Nguyen and Erianne Viray

For the 2015-16 school year, students and staff can expect to know WhatSUP with Cleveland.

Unlike before, a comprehensive master calendar has been written, including everything from testing dates to projections for school dances to professional development for staff. This calendar will serve as the foundation for a more fluid and spirited Eagle experience.

The master calendar will serve as the framework for an organized academic year. In previous years, testing schedules have thrown teachers’ lesson plans into disarray. Possible fundraisers went unplanned on account of ambiguous dates and last-minute arrangements. However, Cleveland’s Building Leadership Team (BLT) and Professional Development Committee (PD) are working towards compiling all future event dates into one complete lineup.  This will allow students to have an instant understanding of the future school year. BLT expects the calendar to be completed by August.

This calendar removes the confusion that has clouded students in the past. Students and teachers can expect to know test and assembly dates in advance. For class officers, a specific window will be provided for events as motivation for fundraising and better planning.

By the time fall comes around and school is back in session, students will already be provided a complete map of the school year.