Softball standouts lead by example


Kassie Villars

Junior pitcher Lauren Lee has played a pivital role in guiding the softball team this season.

Kamry Adams and Joyce Harrell

Every team has its leaders, and whether they are valued most in skill or in attitude, their worth is undeniable. For the softball team, that role falls heavily on Kari Heru and Lauren Lee.

Both Lee and Heru are leaders, “but they lead in different ways,” said Rebecca Williams, the team’s assistant coach.
“Lauren is definitely the more vocal of the two. She leads by instructing people on what to do, but I think she also sets the standard for behavior. … Kari is more of a leader behind [the scenes],” Williams added.

Heru leads by example, going out everyday, giving 110 percent effort and maintaining a positive attitude, which sets a high standard for work ethic for the team as a whole.

Both Lee and Heru possess the qualities necessary for a good leader, making them standouts for the softball program. Lee had a big influence as a freshman by stepping up and taking on the role of pitcher even though it was new to her. Her courage has been part of the reason that the program is what it is today. For Lee, the development of the team has been a rewarding part of her role as a captain and pitcher.

“I’ve seen people grow,” Lee noted. “People who haven’t even played softball have so much more knowledge of how to play the game and how to communicate. We aren’t just a team now; we’re more of a family.”

Williams said the girls’ willingness to learn is one of her favorite things about being their coach.

While they may be members of the current Cleveland team, both Heru and Lee are helping to lay a foundation for the future of Cleveland Fastpitch.