Frisbee teams miss opportunity to make it Reign

Spring Reign is the largest coed Ultimate Frisbee tournament in the world, and schools travel from as far as British Columbia, Montana and Oregon to play against each other. It’s an opportunity for many Frisbee communities to meet other teams and compete. This year, Cleveland did not receive the opportunity to compete at Spring Reign.

Steve Pratt, team manager for the Ultimate program at Cleveland said the team was not given a bid for a number of reasons. “We had an incident with three of our team members that resulted in our school not getting a positive reception.”

Despite only a few members being culpable for the incident, the team wasn’t given a spot to compete at the tournament. Players on the team were distraught by the unfortunate news.

“I was shocked and I was sad because I’ve went there for the past four years, and I realized that this year we wouldn’t be going,” said sophomore Hai Trang.

Pratt plans to combat the asperity within the team by focusing more on team morale and having higher expectations for behavior such as sportsmanship and teamwork.

Though they won’t be competing at Spring Reign, Cleveland’s Ultimate team has their eyes set on an upcoming tournament in Corvallis, Ore., called Westerns. It is a regional championship hosted by USA Ultimate on May 30-31. The team is currently fundraising to help cover costs to travel out of state for the first time in their program’s history.

Pratt is excited but said, “It’s stressful because there are a lot of people.”