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They’re in this together

Austin Saelee & Justin Sia

February 12, 2015


Nha Dao

Austin Saelee & Justin Sia

Austin Saelee and Justin Sia are the epitome of bromance. Whether they are putting in work on the Ultimate Frisbee field or munching on McChickens, these two know how to have a good time. You can spot them fooling around and cracking jokes, but don’t think for a second that they can’t get down to business.

The two love birds met back in the sixth grade at Aki Kurose Middle School. They had just begun dating their girlfriends who were best friends at the time, and were properly introduced to each other after a short time. Their eventful encounter eventually led to a lasting bond between the bros.

“We didn’t start talking ‘til eighth grade, but we were a little close due to Frisbee,” Sia said.

Sia and Saelee spend their time together in various ways. Some days they play basketball or they hang out at McDonald’s. All that matters to them is that they’re together.

“I like how he’s really funny and generous,” Saelee said when asked what he thinks of Sia.

In all relationships, there are always mountains to climb. For some couples, these challenges are too much to overcome and as a result, they end up going their separate ways. For Sia and Saelee, parting ways is not an option.

“We take breaks and apologize, or play “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” Sia said.

Both of them keep each other in check, even when situations get tough. Sia is a huge motivator for Saelee.

“He tells me to show up on school on time, and I love how he’s really funny and generous,” Saelee said.

Saelee is optimistic about the future of his relationship with Sia and predicts they’ll remain close as they become older.

“I see us possibly in a big house, being … neighbors. You know, just right across the hall,” Saelee said. Their feelings toward one another is mutual, and they’re not afraid to share it throughout the halls of Cleveland.


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