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By the time I’m 39, I want to see …

Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated at the age of 39. He had spent nearly 13 years fighting social injustice

Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated at the age of 39. He had spent nearly 13 years fighting social injustice

From staff reports

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was only 39 years old when he was assassinated on the balcony of a Memphis, Tenn., hotel. He had been leading civil rights marches and protests for 13 years. Journal staff writers share what they would like to see happen
in this country by the time they turn 39.

Cambronero, CorneliusBy the time I’m 39 I want to see the U.S. be together as one, working together as a whole to make the world a better place. Right now I feel like the world is stuck in this trap that brings us down and sets us back from the greatest we can be. My generation is so lost in social media, conflicts, drama, television – just a whole bunch of unnecessary things that makes us look like the worst generation God has created. I honestly believe that we can be better than this; be better than adults nowadays see us as. We just need a little guidance and support from our peers. To go from twerking to hard working is not impossible. This is the time to take what truly belongs us.

By Cornelius Cambronero

Dahlstrom, JackMartin Luther King once said that he had a dream, that one day everyone would be equal, and that we would look at each other with love, not hate. I think that the world should take an honest look at itself and see if there is anything wrong. Before I turn 39, I want everyone to look at themselves closely and ask, “Is there something wrong?” We can’t solve things by pointing fingers at each other and putting the blame on a person or a group of people. We need to come together as a whole and solve these problems. Isn’t that what MLK would have wanted?

By Jack Dahlstrom

Abbygail Eleccion
Abbygail Eleccion

By the time I’m 39 years old, I want to eradicate the number of people in the U.S. who go without food and shelter. With the amount of food produced in the U.S., it doesn’t make sense morally and financially for us to let anyone living in this country go hungry. I’m tired of making my way through downtown and seeing so many people trying to make a sidewalk comfortable in our wet, overcast Seattle weather. America is so great in the fact that we are always trying to help other countries, but I feel like we need to begin with ourselves first. How can we donate money to other places to help end hunger when some of our next-door neighbors might be in need of our help?

By Abbygail Eleccion

Gwilym Tso, AlanaBy the time I’m 39, I want blaming the victim to end. When women and men get raped, most people ask the victim questions like “What were you wearing?” or “Had you been drinking?” The answers to these questions shouldn’t matter. Forcing someone to have sexual intercourse with you is never okay, whether they were sober or passed out drunk, whether they were wearing a mini skirt or sweatpants. It’s never okay. But then I see stories on the news showing pity to the rapist. One of them was a high school girl had been raped by two football players who had full ride scholarships and were on track to play professionally. The news outlet was sympathizing with the football players saying ‘Oh, this girl ruined their futures. They could’ve been so successful.’ and things like that. I want to end this inequality with blaming the victims and sympathizing with the predators.

By Alana Gwilym Tso

Miguel Laureano Damian
Miguel Laureano Damian

MLK was a man who accomplished tremendous feats in the relatively short amount of time. He showed that anybody was capable of coming into a world full of injustice and leaving it just a bit better than it was. There’s always change that can be made. Everything that was improved can still be improved upon. As a Latino in this country, the biggest issue that our community faces is immigration. There is a broken immigration system in this country. One that separates families, one that deems thousands of human lives as insignificant. There are millions of people in this country who are here illegally – many of those who have broken no laws other than being in the U.S. for a chance at a better life. If there’s anything that I want to see happen by the time that I turn 39 it is to see this system be rebuilt, to see these millions of people get treated like human beings.

By Miguel Laureano Damian

Orines, IrisI have a dream that before I turn 39, [I want] people to know Jesus. Our world is corrupted with evil: terrorists, murderers, sex traffickers. Everyone has a choice to believe in a religion or not, but I believe that Jesus is the answer to everything. It is hard to know what one day you will die not knowing where you go, but if you know God it’s a whole different story. It’s important for the society to know that we’re here for a reason and that all we do is done by reason, but everyone has a choice to act a certain way. What I’m trying to say is people can choose to believe in God or not, but if they constantly deny Him and one day they die where would they go? They’ll go somewhere they wish they hadn’t.

By Iris Orines