If I were President, I would … curb unnecessary spending

Ronnie Estoque

Ronnie Estoque

Ronnie Estoque, Staff reporter

If I were President, the first thing I’d change is the problem of unnecessary spending in our government.

The government funds so many programs that are directed to improve the government’s interests and agendas while overlooking the fact that people in our country need help.  Spending money going to wars and sending people to space is not how money should be spent. We have to be wiser about how and where we spend money.

Before we spend billions of dollars fighting wars than never cease to end, why don’t we focus on our country and our own people for once? America is often seen as the protector and justifier of the world.  We can’t be that country when we, ourselves, are struggling. As a whole, we aren’t progressing into a future where America can thrive.